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Official Rails Gem

You will need the postmark-rails gem for drop-in integration with ActionMailer. Add the following line to your Gemfile:

gem 'postmark-rails'

Review the README for examples.

Alternative Rails Gems

Official Ruby Gem (non-rails applications)

You will need the postmark gem:

sudo gem install postmark

Review the README for examples. The gem relies on Mail for message composition.

Alternative Ruby Gems


Wordpress Plugin

Postmark Approved Wordpress Plugin (fork on Github) maintained by Andy Yates & Alex Hillman.

Wordpress Plugin by JT Clark.

Python (2.4 and later)

pystmark Python library by Steve Leonard.

Postmark Python library by David Martorana.


Haskell lib by Mark Hibberd

Haskell wrapping for Postmark API by Daniel Patterson


Clojure Binding for Postmark API by Steve Losh


Official Postmark .NET library See the Wiki for documentation.

Postmark.NET is also available on NuGet:

PM> Install-Package Postmark

.NET Inbound Webhook Code Demonstration

Code Demonstration on Github See the README for complete details.

Inbound Reply Text Parser in Visual Basic by Justin Porter


Classic ASP


Magento Extension

Magento Extension by SUMO Heavy.


Java library by Jared Holdcroft.

Spring's MailSender compatible implementation by Imaginatio.

Grails Plugin

Grails plugin by Mike Wille.


Postmark.js by Chris Williams and node-postmark by David Pitman.

Node Email Templates by Nick Baugh.

Drupal Module

Drupal Module by Luke Simmons & Deeson Online.

Postmark PowerShell Snap-in

Postmark PowerShell Snap-in by AppHarbor.

Perl WWW::Postmark

Perl WWW::Postmark by Ido Perlmuter.

Pharo Smalltalk

Pharo Smalltalk by Francois Stephany.

Postmark by Paul DeBruicker.


Scala Client by Seb Richards.

Google Go

Google Go Lib by Mahmud Ridwan.