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Parse Inbound Email with Postmark

Inbound processing allows you to send inbound emails ( to Postmark, which we then process and deliver to you via a web hook in nicely formatted JSON. If a hook returns a non-200 code, we'll do a total of 10 retries with growing intervals from 1 minute to 6 hours. This tool is useful if you allow people to send or reply to emails, which are then processed by your application.

Before you get started

To get started, you need a couple things first.

Servers are just logical groups for the emails sent and received through Postmark. In general, you should create one server for each application you have, so that you have a better overview of your statistics. You may also want to set up different servers for each of your environments - development, staging, and production.

Looking for code examples to get started?

If you already have configured Postmark Inbound, you can go straight to the code examples.