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Send Email with Postmark

Postmark helps deliver and track transactional emails for web applications. In a nutshell, the service replaces SMTP (or Sendmail) with a far more reliable, scalable and care-free environment. In addition, you can track statistics for number of emails sent, bounces and spam complaints.

Before you get started

To get started, you'll need a couple of things first.

  • Create an account on Postmark.
  • Create and confirm at least one Sender Signature. This defines and confirms the From email address for messages.
  • Create at least one Server.

Sender signatures are needed in order to verify that, well, you really own the mailbox, and that you are not a spammer (yes, we hate spam too). You must have a sender signature for each from address used in your application.

Servers are just logical groups for the emails sent and received through Postmark. In general, you should create one server for each application you have, allowing you to track sent history independently. You may also want to set up different servers for each of your environments - development, staging, and production.

Things You Should Know

  • Postmark is for transactional email only. You may not send newsletters, announcements to your lists or any other bulk email. If you're uncertain if your email qualifies as 'transactional', you can always contact support and we'll review your usage.
  • Maximum email size is 10mb. This includes email contents, headers, and attachments. You will receive an error if your emails are too large.
  • Postmark will only accept attachments with specific file types, so please review our list of accepted filetypes. We also support inline image embedding.
  • Maximum recipients for each email is 20, including all of To, CC, and BCC recipients. Each recipient counts as a single Postmark credit.